pure and adulterated aural landscapes
intrinsically linked
evading literal interpretation
Michele Vescio is a narrm-based (Melbourne) sound artist, designer, and radio content producer, working with sound, noise, and voice, by exploring their concept of deconstruction in relation to creating works that are informed by spatial, auditory, and now tangible restrictions and boundaries as a result of global movement restrictions. Their work galvanises a direct relationship to context, circumstance, and site.
they investigate specific environments, gathering sound and voice ​‘reproductions’ for either deconstruction, manipulation, abstraction, or integrity, offering audiences an intensely personal experience of sound. The use of sound is key to conceptual investigations undertaken by Michele within multi-platform collaborations that evolve whereby sound and/or voice, is woven into auditory and/or visual manifestations to create alternate environments in which they are experienced. 
Michele works solo and in collaboration with artists in sound installation, audio-visual performance, mixed-media, and durational performance. Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally working as a sound designer, sound consultant, and sound technician in galleries and non-traditional public spaces.
Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally working as a sound designer, sound consultant, and sound technician in galleries and non-traditional public spaces including; Tent Rotterdam (Rotterdam Netherlands, 2020), The Substation (Melbourne, 2019), Dark Mofo (Tasmania, 2018), Melbourne Fashion Week (Melbourne, 2017), Dutch Design Week (Amsterdam Netherlands, 2017), EUNIC Kulturhuset (Stockholm Sweden, 2017), (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, 2017), Little Woods Gallery (Melbourne, 2016), MAMA (Albury, 2016), Ironside Studios (Melbourne, 2015), 24 Hour Experience/ FOLA (Melbourne, 2014), Tempting Failure (Bristol UK, 2014), MCA Art Bar (Sydney, 2014).
IIn their social practice, Michele works at 3CR Community Radio as a content producer, programmer, mentor, and sound technician for current affairs and queer programming to present content that is inclusive and provides diversity, with a foundation on strong narratives and factual commentary. They specialise in facilitating creative expression and working collaboratively with individuals and teams to produce radio features. Michele is a current 3CR board member, Community Radio Federation member, music victoria member, and a Full Writer member with APRA/AMCOS.
In 2020, their latest research and development project, MxMV, will be their new exploration of online solo and remote collaborative installations,performances, and radio features in response to the covid-19 pandemic, to uncover/ discover notions of isolation, loneliness, digital communication and connectedness, and new modes of politicism, forming both the crux of a long-form and ongoing ‘anti-opus’ sonic work and continuing their trajectory of providing alternative queer narratives that are often ‘pinkwashed’ by the media landscape, to be presented in broad strokes in digital and virtual spaces by creating works both as premeditated and in ‘real-time’ reiterations.


Michele acknowledges the Wurundjeri and the Boonwurroung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians and caretakers of the lands and waters on which their work is primarily created and produced.