recent radio production work includes:
QR code | An LGBTIQA+ health 8-part podcast series unpacking diverse and intersectional queer topics. Michele produced episode 3:Unpacking the term neuroqueer& Episode 7:The mental health effects of erasure, othering, and lateral violence.the series was created by a collective of queer people at 3cr, produced in the studios of 3cr Community radio, Broadcast on the community radio network, and funded through the city of Yarra (Narrm/ Melbourne). 
Theme music for the series includes the track ‘Ritual for Transformation’produced by Michele vescio. View and download episodes at
Queering the air critically engaged queer commentary with an interest on the intersection of queerness with other experiences of marginalisation, the show is presented by peers on the LGBTIQA+ spectrum. the program airs every Sunday 3-4pm via