a series of collaborative works in isolation
in collaboration with artist/ maker Anastasia la feyand cinematographer lucy pijnenburg, Michele is creating a series of sound works that continue to explore their notion of spatial and auditory restrictions and boundaries which they initially explored in their 2016 solo exhibition thresholds and limitations.
This project development, as a result of the global physical restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic, will intensify their sonic research into notions of isolation, loneliness, digital communication, and new modes of politicism. their knowledge of the anatomy/ physiology of the body and background in critical care cardiac nursing will serve as the foundation of their (research) work in terms of unpacking how internal vital organs respond to isolation, absence, and silence.
deconstructed manipulations of field recordings and found sounds will form the crux of this long-form ‘anti-opus’ sonic work evolving as staged/staggered responses to works produced by la fey and pijnenburg. development of this project will commence in mid-2020 with ongoing reiterations throughout 2020 and 2021 as COVID-19 unravels and determines how we, as collaborators, interact and connect remotely within the confines (or limitations) of the new social norm.
view and read collaborator Anatsaia La Fey’s description of this project via CONVERSATIONS – WORKS IN ISOLATION 2020.


[Image description: Michele is lighting up a cigarette whilst in conversation with a friend using an online communication platform. The background is B&W and the foreground has black and red hues. They are in their bedroom practicing physical distancing measures during COVID-19 (March 2020).]

Michele acknowledges the Wurundjeri and the Boonwurroung people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians and caretakers of the lands and waters on which their work is primarily created and produced.