sonic research and development project


In 2020, their radio development project willcontinue in their ongoing trajectory of providing alternative queer narratives that are often ‘pinkwashed’ by the media landscape. These narratives will ambitiously be created and presented in broad strokes in digital and virtual spaces both as premeditated and in ‘real-time’ reiterations.


beginning In 2019, Michele’s latest Sonic research and development project, MxMV, was the starting point of their exploration of solo interpretations of their arts practice. in 2020, they will broaden that exploration toward online solo and remote collaborative installations and/or performances in response to the proliferation of digital exhibitions of art and the covid-19 pandemic.
This series of sound works continue to explore their notion of spatial and auditory restrictions and boundaries which they explored in their 2016 solo exhibition thresholds and limitations.
they will uncover/ discover continued notions of isolation, loneliness, digital communication and/or connectedness, discordance, and new modes of politicism, thus forming the crux of a long-form and ongoing ‘anti-opus’ collection of sonic works.
in 2019, MxMV collaborated with Syria-based skincare influencer and multi-platform artist, Flatwhite Damascus over a 5-month period to create and produce an ASMR experience project titled ‘Al Dunya Rabee3’. the project blends and manipulates audio recorded during the Syrian Civil War interpolated with Flatwhite Damascus’ spoken word reiterations on advice about skincare conspiracies, that are heard over a dark industrial track created and reconstructed from the original recordings taken by the artist whilst he lived in war-torn Syria.
Watch the clip viaThe Lifted Brow
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